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Fall 2020 Safety Guidelines
We are eager for this season to begin. Thankful that we can be back together again. As with most programs to reopen rules and requirements were outlined for us set forth by the Ohio Dept of Heath. As we are grateful to the township of Austintown and their board members, we will do everything we can to ensure that we are taking the safety precautions to ensure that the YYFFA is following and/or mandating all safety protocols.

Everyone entering the park on gameday will have their temperatures checked and will have to answer symptom screening questions. Ultimately it is up to us as parents to be responsible and to stay home if their child or any member of family is sick. For more info specific information regarding return to play protocols, CLICK HERE for the official USA Football self-check health Guide.
Field Layout and Limited Spectators
There are a few changes that we ask you to help us embrace for a smooth transition. In years past, the parents and spectators sat on one side of the field while the players sat on the opposite side. This year the field will be set up a little different. The two teams, Home and Away and their family members will sit on opposite sides of the field. Each team will sit at mid field (between the two "no-run zone" with their fans on either side of them. We strongly recommend that spectators on sit with members of their family and must sit 6 feet apart from others on the sideline.

As you have seen in local sports events, businesses, and any other gathering during these times we are asking you to bring 2 family members per athlete to attend the games. (Recommendation to fill the requirements for us to have our season) We are eager to have your support as we do our best to meet those requirements so our players can get back to what they love. While you are at the game, we encourage you to share the game in whatever way with the family members that opted to stay home.
Masks, Mouthpieces & Gloves Requirements
Players and spectators MUST wear a mask upon entering and at all times while at the park. However, our players are only required before and after their games.

Mouthpieces will not be required and we are recommending that players wear gloves. At the end of the day, we must follow of these statewide protocols. If not, not only do we put our kids and family members at risk but also risk losing the season. PLEASE DO YOUR PART!
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